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It’s entirely possible to get in your own way while plotting, to trip yourself up, to confuse yourself, to get stuck, to get mired in unnecessary and badly thought-out complications, to stall, to freeze, to feel lost and frustrated, and to leave yourself thinking there’s no way to get from where you are right now to “The End”…

“But Just Because You’re Stuck Right Now Doesn’t Mean You Have to STAY That Way!”

Here’s what folks who took this quick, free class have said:

“I JUST SIGNED up for your ‘Create Your Professional Plot Outline’ mini- course. Wow! Just utterly WOW! From the get-go, you’ve helped me figure out what’s been holding me up in the story I’ve been trying to write for two years now! After several other courses, books and suggestions, I’d begun to think maybe I’d just ditch the story. Maybe there wasn’t really enough substance to hold a reader (or this writer) past the first few chapters. Or maybe, much as it hurt to say it, maybe I just didn’t have it in me.

“Exercise One gave me some reflection on my main character, but Exercise Two? Simply reading the exercise gave me that elusive “A-HA! That’s the problem” moment I’ve been needing ever since I stalled in chapter six (more than a year ago). You’ve helped me see where and how I was sabotaging the story (over-complication of plot and too many main protagonists), and you did so in an easy, practical way.

“I can’t wait to actually DO the exercise… so I’m off to do that right now, but I had to say thanks first! I’m so excited, I plan to work late into the night, restructuring the story to go where it really wanted to be heading in the first place.

“Thank you so much for offering this course, and for your support of would-be novelists like myself.

“Looking forward to your other classes as well!”

Best regards,



“A YEAR AGO I decided to become a writer. Since then I have purchased books and taken on-line courses. I recently completed one book, have 2 in process, and a series in the works.

“After reading and taking copious notes on 15-20 books about writing, I came across Holly Lisle while doing internet searches. I have found her course material to be very direct and useful. Most other courses tend to be vague and preachy. Holly has led me to using Scrivener, to step-by-step approaches, and a nitty-gritty, focused approach to working through revisions. I haven’t had to leave my home to develop quickly as an author.

“The Create A Plot Clinic and Plot-Outline Mini-Course are especially helpful. The plot is at the center of the novel. It is the backbone where the meat can hang off of as your novel takes shape.

“Holly is wacky and fun, but underneath, she teaches a direct approach that can cut years off of the time it takes to become a serious, production-oriented novelist.”

Joe Carlin—Cary, NC


“HOLLY LISLE is one of the rare writers who can not only write, but also teach others how to write. She is able to take the mystery out of plotting, giving step-by- step instruction that will enable you to plot your novels with the confidence of a master.

“In her own inimitable style, Holly tells you like it is, and she should know—she’s authored more than thirty published novels. Regardless of your skill level, you will most definitely come away from Holly’s course knowing exactly what to do and how to do it.”

Laurel—Wilmington, Delaware


“I TOOK the Plot Mini-Course a few years ago. It was my first experience of Holly’s method, and I immediately fell in love with her no-nonsense, hands-on teaching style.

“And it worked like magic, too: I had never even imagined plotting like this, and was blown away with the wonderful, fun, and devilishly effective technique taught in the course.

“Now, several clinics, quite a few workshops, two big courses, a revision, and a novel and a half later, I’m ever so grateful for that one mini-course that introduced me to a whole new writing world.”


This Free Class Includes:

  • Downloadable, printable book
  • Downloadable, printable worksheets
  • Live, private, well-moderated forum with friendly community
  • NO TIME LIMIT – use the class as often as you wish

So What Do You Need To Know Before Taking This Class?

  • That you genuinely do want to get out of your own way
  • That you really do want to write fiction (not talk about writing, or think about writing)
  • That you’re willing to do the WORK (and, yep, there’s work involved)

If this is you, then jump in.  Click the button to create your account (or log in if you’re already a member) and get started.

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