How to Find Your Writing Discipline

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“You Can Find Your Writing Discipline… Even With A Job, A Life, Kids, Pets, Obligations, Hobbies, And All the Rest.”

I already know I want this.

You want to write. You’ve always wanted to write. But you:

  • Can’t find the time

  • Can’t find the initiative

  • Can’t find the discipline

… to sit down and create the stories and characters and worlds that you know are inside you.

Here’s a secret that can help.

If you’re currently making it through the day with a roof over your head, keeping yourself (and those who depend on you) fed and out of trouble, you already have the discipline you need to write and complete books.

You just have to find it.

I can show you how.

So here’s the painful truth: No one can do everything.

To find your writing discipline, you have to know where your time is going, and why it’s going there. And then you have to decide which parts of your life stay, and which parts go.

To do this, you’ll challenge your preconceptions, open your own eyes how you’re getting in your own way… and discover, too, what you’re getting right, and why you both want and need to hang on to those critical parts of your life.

Grabbing hold of your writing discipline doesn’t mean just living to write.

Believe me. I have serious hours reading books, playing No Man’s Sky, Animal Crossing, and other video games, and hanging out with my family to prove that just ain’t so.

But if you’d really like to write to live (to make creating fiction a real, paying job), building your writing discipline is how you do that.

Find and embrace your own butt-in-chair writing discipline with this simple, step-by-step, three-days-plus-twenty-minutes workshop.


How to Find Your Writing Discipline
Single Payment
Find Joy In Accomplishing What You Most Desire
Single Payment, Permanent Classroom Access
20-Minute Introduction: Meet the part of yourself that WANTS to write fiction
DAY ONE: Learn What's Eating Your Life
DAY TWO: Learn How to Identify and Focus On What Matters
DAY THREE: Learn How to Build Your Plan (because those who fail to plan... plan to fail)

And then, with writing discipline in hand, you… DO. This.

Because You CAN Do This!

You can do this!

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