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Create a Culture Clinic

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The instant you tell yourself that cultures have no place
in the story you’re writing is the instant that you guarantee that
no one will be able to relate to your story … because …

“No Good Story Has EVER Been Written Without Including Cultures—Yeah, PLURAL—and a Conflict Between At Least Two of Them!”

I already know I want this!

There are—unfortunately—lots of stories written by beginners (and by those writers who declare that fiction doesn’t actually have to be ABOUT anything) that pay no attention whatsoever to culture.

All of these stories suck.

Big words, right? But in the instant that you decide what your story is about (if it’s about anything—and some stories aren’t), you determine the conflict in it.

And by knowing how cultures work, you will learn to use the in-depth essentials of an existing culture, from religion and philosophy, through governments and groups, to home life and taboos to make your story feel real to your reader, to ground your conflict in ways we as human beings are biologically adapted to connect with…

And when you DO THIS, your fiction will put your reader on your side. THIS is a big deal.

You can create working, usable cultures that will help you write better fiction, even if you don’t know what you want to write about yet.

Every good story runs on the hidden assumptions, conceptions and misconceptions of at least one culture—and for there to be assumptions, conceptions, and misconceptions, there have to be people about which your characters have them.

You are (frequently without realizing it) a participant in dozens of cultures.

You are an observer of thousands more.

Churches and synagogues, schools, workplaces, clubs, groups of friends, teammates … Every single one of these groups has different cultural expectations that shape your behavior, your speech, what you wear, who you can be, who you can hang out with, and much, much more.

You navigate more or less successfully through MOST of these cultures by a combination of luck, good guessing, and learned understanding of body language, tone of voice, and other cues you usually don’t realize you’re using.

But you can’t use body language to fake your way through culture while writing fiction. You need to understand the tricks and strategies your brain manages more-or-less automatically, because what you’re not aware of doing, you cannot successfully add into your stories, or use to bring your readers into your work.

ALL fiction (not just science fiction or fantasy) requires in-depth knowledge of how cultures work.

Using Create A Culture Clinic, you will:

  • Develop the right elements of culture for your story and needs
  • Discover and use the conflicts built into your characters’ lives and surroundings
  • Organize your work for easy future access (because series fiction sells)
  • Add richness, depth, and surprise to any story
  • Give yourself fascinating new storytelling avenues to explore in even the most mundane of settings
  • And much more

Build as you go, build only what you need when you need it … and start adding depth to all your work in just a day.



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Create A Culture Clinic
Single Payment
Build Believable Cultures and Compelling Conflicts
The Concise Guide to Culture-Building
Develop the elements of culture YOUR unique story needs
Use these elements to define what your characters can and WILL do...
And what they won't...
Organize your work so you can expand on it if your story takes off into novel or series territory...
Give yourself fascinating new directions to explore in even ordinary settings...
And MUCH more!
Classroom includes complete course, worksheets, permanent access, and private, well-moderated forum

You can do this,
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