7-Day Crash Revision

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Professional, Simple Block Revision for Pros on Tight Deadlines, and Beginners on Tight Budgets

What happens when you’re a pro who gets…

I already know I want this.

THIS is “The Call.”

Your editor’s on the phone, and she’s frantic. “Mary Sue Big-Name blew her deadline, and her lead slot is open. I have your revision letter finished, and if you can turn the manuscript around in seven days, your book will get that slot and the promo budget that goes with it. Can you do that?”

When you get that call…

First, say, “Yes.”

Next, figure out how you’re going to deliver YES with a 120,000 word manuscript.

I did that. Twice. And I hit the deadline both times.

If you’re the pro who got “The Call,” here’s what this class will give you:

  • Workspace diagrams and workflow optimization rules

  • Step-by-step instructions on taking apart the revision letter and applying the necessary changes to your manuscript.

  • Exactly how to build and schedule your revision battle plan

  • How to work the plan and stay on target

  • Tips on how to not die while doing this

    (No, I’m not being funny. The process is brutal, mentally exhausting, and physically draining. I include tips on foods and beverages that help, along with some other “survive this, dammit” revelations drawn from my two runs around this particular gruelling fast track.)

Is doing a seven-day turn-around revision on a big manuscript fun?

Well… If you’re a masochist, it’s probably a hoot. For anyone else?  Not so much.

It it worth doing, though?

Yeah. Totally. If you can save your publisher’s ass, and in doing it prove that you’re the person who can come through with a great manuscript on time while hitting a deadline missed by someone way bigger than you, you can give yourself opportunities you couldn’t get in any other way.

What if you’re not a pro, though? What does this class offer if you’re…

New to revision?

Maybe you hid your manuscript under your bed, or in the bottom of a drawer.

Maybe it’s tucked away in the back of your closet, or in a hard-drive file marked HOPELESS.

It might be a short story, last year’s NaNoWriMo novel, or the novel of your dreams that somehow fell apart…and you’ve been trying to fix for the last year, or five, or ten.

Maybe it’s the story you hoped to self-publish, to get yourself started on a writing business, to cut loose from the day job, or to invent a job because you can’t find one.

and you don’t know how to fix it.

You’ve tried removing adjectives and adverbs, replacing weak verbs with strong verbs, using better nouns—all the usual advice—but the story is STILL broken.

MAYBE you’ve even found your way to my HOW TO REVISE YOUR NOVEL: Get The Book You WANT from the Wreck You Wrote course…

Only right now money IS an issue, and no matter how much you want that course, the budget won’t bear it.

So you’re looking for a short, lean, basic revision course that actually works.

This workshop started as a bonus class for my How To Revise Your Novel students

I’d described the challenge I had getting calls from editors who needed me to get my book ready when a big-name writer missed a deadline. If I could hit the other writer’s deadline, I would get that writer’s front-list placement and much bigger marketing budget.

Both times the situation came up, I hit those deadlines. Got the front-list placement, the budgets, and the promo.

Doing an editor’s revision (a revision of just the problems the editor finds on a manuscript you’ve already revised and turned in) on a tight turn-around deadline is a critical commercial writing skill.

A group of my pro students wanted to learn how to do this, so I built a workshop specifically for them.

I’ve revised, expanded, and adapted that writing workshop into THIS workshop.

HOWEVER, if you’re not a pro…

…while someday you may want that pro-level quick turn-around course (and all of that information is still in this course), RIGHT NOW what you NEED is to learn the basics of block revision—the system I developed for my OWN use.

And to make sure it works, you also need:

  • Instructions on how to adapt the techniques to include short fiction revision

  • Revision for indie publishing

  • And first-draft revision

  • Worksheets to show you how to keep your revision organized and make the steps easier to understand, 

  • Checklists so you can remember what you need to look out for on the second and third blocks

  • And included permanent membership to the workshop so you can take your time, go through on multiple manuscripts, PLUS make use of the private 7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop Forum and all the general boards, where you can get help and feedback, and share your frustrations and successes with other folks working their way through the exact same challenges you are

IN other words, you want a solid but VERY BASIC “fundamentals of revision” course.

The 7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop isn’t everything AND the kitchen sink. (How To Revise Your Novel IS.)

But while I was living on a shoestring budget, and tearing apart my first novel with scissors and tape and pen time after time after time, trying to figure out not just how to fix it, but what was wrong with the damn thing in the first place…

…THIS is the workshop I wish I’d had.

That first novel?

Never sold.

But with what I learned from tearing it apart again, and again, and again, the second one I wrote sold the first time out, to the first place I sent it.

ONE MONTH from the day I mailed out the manuscript.

And it won me the Compton-Crook Award for Best First Novel, too.

So if you’re new to revision, this is what you’re getting here:

  • Basic.

  • Step-by-step.

  • Quick.

  • Effective.


“Inexpensive” the critical factor for you right now?

I get that. Been there and done that, too.

But now you might be thinking…

“Wait…quick?! I can’t revise a novel in seven days. I’m just getting started. I need time.”

You’re RIGHT.

You DO.

And I’ve got you covered.

Your lessons on TargetingWrite-In, and Type-in will land in your classroom over course of the seven-day workshop… but they will wait in your classroom until you’re ready for them.

The lessons drop on Day 1, Day 2 and Day 5 to give the pros with tight deadlines time to get each block done before moving on to the next—to give them just enough time to wrap their heads around the system while doing the work.

But if you’re NOT a pro hauling ass to beat the deadline everyone else thinks is impossible, each lesson will sit on its page, patiently waiting for you as long as you want before you download it and start working through it.

Because this is a self-paced workshop, NOT a live workshop, you don’t have to be in class on a specific day at a specific time, trying to keep up, working against a clock that runs out at the end of the week.

You can spend a month on this class, or a couple of months, or a year. You can use it for each manuscript you need to revise. Login, go to your classroom, and get to work.

If you’re new to revision, permanent access and no outside pressure are real advantages.

Please understand that when I say this teaches BASIC revision, I mean it.

This course is 112 content pages spread across three lessons (not including worksheets).

How to Revise Your Novel runs 200,000+ words (not including handouts and worksheets), is 22 weeks long (not including bonus courses), and printed out, it’s a bit smaller than an old VW Bug.

I called up everything I’d learned about revision in more than twenty years of writing, revising, and selling fiction to create How to Revise Your Novel, and built my experience into a system that has helped many, many writers get their work into print.

How To Revise Your Novel isn’t $75, though (or anywhere near that).

7-Day Crash-Revision Workshop IS.

7-Day Crash Revision

This workshop will allow you to make a HUGE improvement in your ability to revise your work. It will get you through a complete revision.

IF you have not revised your work before, it will not—it CANNOT—give you everything you need to know to come out the other end of the process with a polished, submission-ready manuscript.

I cover workarounds that will allow you to create manuscripts with the biggest problems repaired.

If you’re willing to do a couple revisions, you’ll end up with something pretty decent.

And when the money starts coming in and you can afford to upgrade to How To Revise Your Novel, you can apply 100% of the cost of THIS course to that course.

Why? Because this course is included for free for my HTRYN students. So I’ll make sure that if you join, it will be free for you, too. (You’ll just rent it for a while.)

Buy now, and be in class in about 5 minutes.


Dig that broken story out of your drawer or the box under your bed and dust it off. THIS time, if you follow my process, your revision IS GOING TO WORK.

You can do this.

Holly Lisle

Novelist, Writing Course Creator

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