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Welcome to HollysWritingClasses.com

This online writing school exists to teach people who want to write fiction (primarily those focused on writing for a living), how to write, revise, edit, and sell high-quality commercial fiction. (Fiction editors pay writers to write.) We don’t specialize in teaching or supporting literary fiction.

If your dream is to write good fiction and get paid for your work, these classes and this community are for you.

Classrooms, Forums, and Your PASSWORD.


 One password, that is.

  • To get to the forums, you have to log into your classes first. There is NO exception to this.
  • Once you have logged into your classes, refresh/reload the login page.
  • If you see the login boxes for the forum, use your identical username and password to log in there. (If you don’t, just head into your favorite board.)

This NEXT BIT is crucial.

You get ONE forum account, and it MUST match your classroom account.

  • The days of one person having multiple accounts with different usernames and pseudonyms in the forum are gone. Folks had fun with this on the old software, but on the new software, doing this will break your account.
  • Our new classroom software is directly integrated with the forum, and the only people who can use the forum are logged-in members with classes.
  • This has the very nice effect of keeping out spammers, and trolls, and other folks we don’t want. It has the less cheerful effect of keeping out members who would rather be anonymous.
  • HOWEVER, the class software gives us no wiggle room on this.
  • If you try to change your forum password or username, you will get locked out of the forum.

  • If you try to create a second forum account, this will break your existing account.

  • You cannot change your username.  The integration between forum and classrooms requires that your classroom account and forum account are absolutely identical — same email address, same username, same password. Any changes will break your account, and lock you out of the forum.
  • You CAN change your forum ALIAS using the forum software, but we have to approve this. There is no charge for this, but don’t change your alias to something rude, obscene, or clearly designed to wave political or religious fight flags.)
  • You can change your password, but ONLY from the classroom software.

How to Get Your Free Class

First, How To Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t SUCK is free to all members, and you receive it when you create your account. You can also create your account just by signing up for this class — which is a nice shortcut.

So if you’re new, go to the How to Write Flash Fiction that Doesn’t SUCK page. Read the class details, and use the link at the bottom to create your account.

Where to get help

If you are having any problems with an existing class, or if you broke your login, we have a help desk, and we operate Monday through Friday on Eastern Standard time. (There are only two of us.)

Before you create a ticket, gather your documentation (screenshots or PDFs of receipts or whatever might be working incorrectly in your account.) Then…

Go to the Help Desk


  • Create just one ticket, no matter how many classes might be affected, or whether your are experiencing more than one issue right now.
  • Describe your problem (or problems).
  • Include a screenshot of the specific error if you encounter an error.
  • Include your account email address, and a screenshots of your receipt(s), or the error message you got when you tried to log in, or of whatever went wrong.
  • Please be patient. With about ten thousand writers in the community, and with only Rebecca (and when she calls me in, ME), we’re not speedy. We’ll get your problem fixed as promptly as humanly possible, but you’ve got us outnumbered. 😀



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