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Big News For Big-Course GRADUATES!!!

Today I finally made the time to rebuild all eight of the HWC Big Course Owner Discount shops.

Upon graduating from any one of the four following classes:

  • How to Think Sideways
  • How to Write a Novel
  • How to Write a Series
  • How to Revise Your Novel

… A new private shop opens up inside the graduate’s classroom. This classroom gives the graduating student a 20% discount on all my other courses except for the six clinics. (The clinics, being repriced from $9.99 down to a permanent $3.99 apiece, don’t get further discounts.)

To get your discount, use the graduate’s discount shop in your Big Course Classroom. There is no way to get this discount from the public shop.

Second, the forums are ALL open.

They work differently on our new software.

  • To get to the forums, you have to log into your classes first. There is NO exception to this.
  • Once you have logged into your classes, refresh/reload the login page.
  • If you see the login boxes for the forum, use your identical username and password to log in there.

This NEXT BIT is crucial.

You get ONE forum account, and it MUST match your classroom account.

  • The days of one person having multiple accounts with different usernames and pseudonyms in the forum are gone. Folks had fun with this on the old software, but on the new software, doing this will break your account.
  • Our new classroom software is directly integrated with the forum, and the only people who can use the forum are logged-in members with classes.
  • This has the very nice effect of keeping out spammers, and trolls, and other folks we don’t want. It has the less cheerful effect of keeping out members who would rather be anonymous.
  • HOWEVER, the class software gives us no wiggle room on this.
  • If you try to change your forum username, you will get locked out of the forum.

  • If you try to create a second forum account, this will break your existing account.

  • The integration between forum and classrooms requires that your classroom account and forum account are absolutely identical — same email address, same username, same password. Any changes will break your account, and lock you out of the forum.



I’m working on Book Five of the Ohio Series at the same time that I’m doing final work on this website, so while I obviously have incentive to get all my classes back on sale, I also have incentive to get the Ohio series finished so I can revise it, and Matt can edit it, and I can get IT on sale…

For the next couple of weeks, I’ll be in and out of the forums to wave, and answer questions my moderators point me to…

But now that I have the live public shop rebuilt, the final shop-related work remaining to be done is:

  • Completely rebuilding the private 20% Big Class Owner Discount shop for the guys who own Think Sideways, Write a Novel, Revise Your Novel, or Write A Series

I estimate that it will take me BEST CASE about a month working in pieces to get to this and get it done. (Today’s date is May 18, 2022).  It may take me longer. The BC shop can’t be my first priority right now. The Ohio Novels have to be.


If you are having any problems with an existing class (including classes purchased during the half-price 10-day sale)…

Go to the Help Desk


  • Describe your problem.
  • Include a screenshot of the specific error if you encounter an error.
  • Include your account email address, and a screenshots of your receipt, or the error message you got when you tried to log in, or of whatever went wrong.
  • Please be patient. With so many new students, and with only Rebecca (and me when she calls me in), we’re not speedy. We’ll get your problem fixed, but right now, you’ve got out outnumbered. 😀



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